Current and Upcoming Projects

Due to COVID-19, the Public Works Department is operating in a limited capacity.

Please visit the Public Works FAQs page to learn more about how Public Works is operating during the COVID-19 health orders. Please visit for general City information. 


Large Infrastructure Projects

The largest infrastructure improvement projects in San Mateo are the Clean Water Program and the 25th Grade Separation Project. To learn more about these citywide projects, click on the links below:

Other Projects

Every year, the Public Works Department also focuses on localized projects for improvements or sustainability in a smaller region of the City. Projects in construction are probably the projects you know the most about because you can hear and feel the impacts from your home or business. Although inconvenient, the construction phase means improvements are on their way to your neighborhood. The intent of construction is always the same - a long-term benefit to you, your family, and your community.

Public Works understands that it can be difficult to remember the purpose of improvement projects when you can hear construction noise or find yourself enduring detours, bumpy roads and dust. That is why we try to keep you informed of construction impacts so we can help you navigate the challenges that can result from construction. 

We appreciate your patience as we work to improve our community. View the projects we’re currently working on or planning in the menu selection to the left.