28th Ave./Hillsdale Caltrain Station Bicycle Access Gap Closure

The 28th Avenue/Hillsdale Caltrain Station Bicycle Access Gap Closure project will design a bicycle facility on 28th Avenue from Edison Street to E. Kyne Street. The project strives to provide a safe path of travel for pedestrians and bicyclists crossing El Camino Real at 28th Avenue, accessing the Hillsdale Caltrain station, and for those traveling east-west on 28th Avenue. The project aims to design the Class IV bicycle facility, also known as a separated bike lane, and Class II bicycle lane on 28th Avenue as proposed in the City’s 2020 Bicycle Master Plan. Learn more about the different types of bicycle facilities in San Mateo.

The project is grant funded through the San Mateo County Transportation Authority (SMCTA) Measure A/W Pedestrian and Bicycle Program.

Proposed Bikeway Design Alternatives

View the design options for implementing a bikeway on 28th Avenue between Edison Street and East Kyne Street. Parking removal is being considered for all design alternatives between Edison Street and El Camino Real to accommodate an on-street bicycle facility. The three design alternatives under consideration are:

  • Alternative A - One-Way Bike Facilities
  • Alternative B - Two-Way Bike Facilities on the northside
  • Alternative C - One-Way Bike Facilities with Priority of Pedestrians at Signals

Use this presentation to learn about the project goals and familiarize yourself with the bikeway elements found in the design alternatives.

Thank you to those who provided online feedback on the design alternatives. The comment period closed on Dec. 1, 2023. 

28th Avenue Bike Access Gap Closure Concept Design Graphic

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Nicolette Chan, Project Manager

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Project AreaHillsdale Gap Closure Project Scope Map


The 2020 Bicycle Master Plan identifies 28th Avenue as a major route for bicyclists traveling east-west in San Mateo. In 2021, the 28th Avenue Bicycle Boulevard was completed on 28th Avenue from Mason Lane to El Camino Real. As part of the 25th Avenue Grade Separation project, the new undercrossing at 28th Avenue between El Camino Real and Delaware Street includes a Class I shared-use path on the northern side of 28th Avenue for bicycle and pedestrian access to the new Hillsdale Caltrain station entrance. Currently, there is no connection between the bicycle boulevard across El Camino Real to connect to the Class I shared-use path, creating a gap in the transportation network for bicyclists. Night on 28th Avenue - Mar 1 2021 - JYu Photo

This project aims to close the gap across El Camino Real and design the bike facilities proposed in the 2020 Bicycle Master Plan for 28th Avenue. This includes a Class IV separated bike lane between Edison Street and El Camino Real and a Class II bike lane between Delaware Street and E. Kyne Street. The project will also consider implementation of a on-street bicycle facility between El Camino Real and Delaware Street. 

The project strives to design a fully connected bike facility on 28th Avenue to provide a safe path of travel for bicyclists and pedestrians accessing the Caltrain Station and traveling to neighborhoods on either side of the Caltrain tracks.