Team Up to Clean Up

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What is Team Up to Clean Up?

It is a program meant to bring residents and neighborhoods together in a joint effort to eliminate litter in our streets, storm drains, and waterways. Litter is not only unsightly, but also unsafe and harmful to our natural environment. We're seeking enthusiastic community members that want to help lead the charge against litter reduction in San Mateo.

How to Start a “TEAM UP TO CLEAN UP” Group

Connect with friends or neighbors who want to keep our city litter-free. We will first meet with you to explore the possibilities of working together to keep our communities clean and safe.
Interested? Sign up to start your Team Up to Clean Up Group today. Simply email or call: 650-522-7277.

How much trash is in my neighborhood?

The City maintains a trash generation map. Based on field observations and trash audits we have developed a city-wide trash generation map that tracks low, medium, and high trash levels.
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More Resources

To find out more ways to help prevent pollution, visit: flowstobay
Stay connected, learn and participate in local cleanup events.