Team Up to Clean Up

What is “Team Up To Clean Up”

Team Up To Clean Up brings San Mateo residents and neighborhoods together in a joint effort to eliminate litter in our streets, storm drains, parks, and waterways. Our City program helps groups large and small keep their neighborhood free of unsightly litter, and the natural environment safer for all.

A team can be just two friends committed to a cleaner world or hundreds of neighbors who make cleaning up a special community event. Your team can vary in size for each cleanup and your cleanup schedule can change too. We want to support you in making your team the perfect fit for your community.

How to Start Your Team

Connect with friends and neighbors who want to keep our city litter-free. You can download our flyer to help in your team building efforts. As soon as you are ready, reach out to City staff and let us know more about you and your team.

We will support your project with safety gloves & vests, bags, cleaning supplies, safety instructions, and the Annual Waiver of Liability. (Community Service reports are available for students who participate).

We will also arrange for free pickup of all the trash at the end of your event. We look forward to working with you to keep San Mateo beautiful.

Contact Us

Call Donna Divodi at 650-522-7277 or email:

How much trash is in my neighborhood?

The City maintains a trash generation map. Based on field observations and trash audits we have developed a city-wide trash generation map that tracks low, medium, and high trash levels.
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More Resources

To find out more ways to help prevent pollution, visit: flowstobay
Stay connected, learn and participate in local cleanup events.