Hillsdale Pedestrian/Bicyclist Bridge

Name of Project: Hillsdale Pedestrian/Bicyclist Bridge

Short Description of Project: The Hillsdale Pedestrian/Bicyclist Bridge project envisions a Class I pedestrian and bicycle grade separated crossing over Highway 101 (US-101) south of the Hillsdale interchange and a Class II facility on Hillsdale from Norfolk to the San Mateo/Foster City limit. The proposed bridge and Class II facility will allow for safe and unimpeded bicycle access apart from the high vehicular volumes at the Hillsdale Boulevard interchange while connecting the bicycle network from the Hillsdale Caltrain Station to Foster City and neighborhoods east of US-101.
The City completed an alignment study in 2007 in response to the community’s concern about the ability of pedestrian and bicyclists to use Hillsdale Boulevard to safely cross US-101.

Benefits of Work:
This bridge is the last significant segment required to complete a 1.2 mile Class I facility between the Hillsdale Caltrain station and the Los Prados and Lakeshore neighborhoods, east of US-101. Construction of the bridge and Class II facility would create a fully connected bicycle network in this area connecting Foster City with the Hillsdale Caltrain Station. The existing Hillsdale Boulevard overcrossing is the only one in the area with the nearest crossing approximately 2 miles to the north at 19th Avenue and the Belmont overcrossing more than 2.5 miles to the south.

The proposed bridge would increase safety by eliminating the need for bicyclists and pedestrians to cross over US-101 via Hillsdale Boulevard and compete with the high vehicle volumes and traffic on the interchange traversing to the on/off freeway ramps.

Project Phase:
Preliminary Design. 
Impacted Areas:
Neighborhoods surrounding the Hillsdale/US-101 interchange

Project Report: 
Click here to read the full report. (PDF)

CEQA Initial Study and Negative Declaration (PDF)
Project Manager:
Leo Chow, Assistant Engineer
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