Smooth Streets Program

Program Description

The Smooth Streets Program reconstructs roads that have reached the end smoothstreetsof their service life.

This is a special program that addresses streets which can no longer be preserved as part of our regular road maintenance. Approximately 22 miles of streets have been identified for reconstruction based on visual inspection and their Pavement Condition Index.

Since its inception in 2013, the program has restored 15 miles of our City streets. In 2015, local voters approved Measure S, a quarter-cent sales tax extension that supports community-identified priorities like the Smooth Streets Program. 

Program Map

You can click to enlarge this map on any device. The proposed completion years are subject to change.

Project Coordination:

We coordinate with the Clean Water Program, PG&E, CalWater, and other utilities to minimize avoidable expense and inconvenience to community members. When utility conflicts are found, we will request that the private utility companies relocate their pipes, wires, and other buried infrastructure. This early coordination is important because it can take anywhere from nine to 24 months to relocate one mile of buried utilities.

Active Construction Segments:

The current phase (Phase 3) of the Smooth Streets program is underway. The street segments included in this phase are shown below. All concrete work is completed and the road work is anticipated to begin late February / March. Teichert Construction is the City's contractor and is responsible for issuing schedule notifications.

Streets Phase 3

The City is anticipating putting the next phase (Phase 4) of the program out for construction bidding in February 2023. The street segments in phase 4 are shown below.

Streets Phase 4