Complete Streets Plan

The citywide Complete Streets Plan strives to transform the existing vehicle-centric transportation network to one designed for safety and access for all travel modes. An extensive data analysis and community engagement driven development process will help identify priority focus areas centered on safety and equity, resulting in a comprehensive list of multimodal infrastructure projects. 

The final Plan is anticipated to be adopted in February 2024 and will serve as a roadmap for closing gaps in the City’s circulation network to ensure a safe, accessible network designed for all travel modes.

The City was awarded $490,882 of grant funding from the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) Sustainable Communities grant program for developing a citywide Complete Streets Plan.

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Sue-Ellen Atkinson
Project Manager

What is a Complete Street?

Streets that are safe, comfortable, and accessible for all users and multiple forms of travel.

CSP Definition Graphic

Upcoming Events and Meetings

There will be many opportunities to provide feedback, in-person and virtually, throughout the development process to ensure the Plan is reflective of the community's vision. Event details will be updated as available.

Past Meetings and Events

Project Schedule

Complete Streets Plan Project Schedule

Developing the Plan

The Plan will be developed through a data and community-N. B Street Outreachdriven effort to identify gaps and deficiencies in the roadway network to safely accommodate all modes. First, a comprehensive review of existing roadway conditions will be conducted through engaging with the community, reviewing best practices and local transportation-related plans, and assessing traffic data, including volume, speed, and collision data.

A needs and demand analysis will follow to highlight gaps in the transportation network using a set of priority areas maps. From the maps, a list of comprehensive, multimodal projects will be developed based on the goals that will be developed to guide the Plan.

Outreach events and public meetings will be held throughout the Plan development process to share project updates and gather community input. Details for community outreach events will be posted on this webpage as information becomes available.

The outcome of the Plan will be a comprehensive project list supplemented by a Complete Streets design guideline manual, supporting programs, funding options, and concept designs for the highest priority projects. The final product will be a Plan ready for implementation that is reflective of the community’s vision for the future. It will serve as a roadmap for closing gaps in the City’s circulation network to ensure a safe, accessible network designed for all modes.