Traffic Forums and Traffic Action Plans

In 2016, Public Works staff met with 10 communities for traffic forum meetings which resulted in the drafting of Traffic Action Plans (TAPs) for each neighborhood. Each TAP was presented to the Public Works Commission (now the Sustainability and Infrastructure Commission) and the final reports were posted to individual neighborhood pages before staff began addressing the action items in the TAPs to improve the quality of life in those neighborhoods.

Since the initial round of meetings, more TAPs have been added as the City continues to address the traffic improvement needs throughout the City. To see the progress, click here to view the TAPs Map.

Public Works staff now follow a process developed to efficiently address neighborhood concerns and allow the community to prioritize what is most important. Did we miss your neighborhood? If so, contact Public Works to begin the process near you. Email us at or call 650-522-7300. 

Traffic Forum Neighborhood Process

  1. Traffic Forums – The first 10 completed traffic forums conducted January through May 2016, where transportation issues for each City neighborhood were identified.
  2. Steering Committee Meeting with City Staff – Police and Public Works will meet with individual Steering Committees in order to provide information packets and explain next steps. Committees are asked to provide their "Top 10" traffic concerns.
  3. Steering Committee Provides "Top 10" Items to City – Steering Committees meet to provide City staff with a list of their "Top 10" traffic concerns.
  4. City Drafts Traffic Action Plan (TAP) (13 now completed) – Using the "Top 10" traffic concerns, City staff draft a TAP specific for each neighborhood. If you don’t see your neighborhood to the left, that means we are either still waiting to receive your neighborhood’s Top 10 list from your Steering Committee, or we have yet to hear from your community. Email us at or call 650-522-7300. 
  5. Review of Neighborhood TAP by Sustainability and Infrastructure Commission – A draft TAP for your neighborhood will be posted (see menu to the left) prior to being presented at a Commission meeting. The Commission will review and provide comments on the TAP.
  6. Final TAP Based on Direction of Commission – The neighborhood TAP will be revised to include the Commission's comments. The final TAP will be posted on the neighborhood traffic page (menu to the left).
  7. Action Item Implementation - Staff proceed to completing work identified in the TAP.