82/92 Interchange Landscaping

Aerial of project site for 82 92 Interchange

Projected for 2022, we are partnered with Caltrans and San Mateo County Transportation Authority (SMCTA) to complete the State Route 82/92 Interchange Project with the final step; landscaping, including portions of the partial cloverleaf ramps. We are also proposing landscaping along the sound wall in the northeast portion of the cloverleaf, the section that faces the Hayward Park neighborhood.

 In 2018, the project team completed the pavement improvement work on the cloverleaf and City streets.

 Our hope is to create an attractive interchange that meets Caltrans safety requirements while limiting the resources needed to maintain it. 

 This project is jointly funded, including $1.35 million contributed by the SMCTA.

Public Feedback

From Sept. 15 – Oct. 15, 2020, we conducted an online survey asking respondents to select their preferences for various aspects within the limitations of the project. 

In all, 173 respondents completed the survey. Almost 42 percent of the respondents saw the interchange a few times a week, while 40 percent saw the interchange every day. Of the neighborhoods closest to the interchange, Hillsdale area residents were the most responsive to the survey. 

Coast Live Oak Tree ImageThe respondents showed a clear preference for colorful flowering plants (68 percent) Eastern Redbud Tree imageover simple greenery (32 percent).They liked Coast Live Oak, pictured left, for street trees (49 percent) and Eastern Redbud, pictured right, as accent trees (57 percent), over all other tree options.

The respondents also weighed in, in the open comment section, about the importance of native trees that required little maintenance and low water needs.

With regards to the sound wall facing Hayward Park, respondents were told that Caltrans maintains the sides of sound walls facing the highway, however, there is a small City-owned plot of land adjacent to the sound wall facing the Hayward Park neighborhood (the northeast section of the cloverleaf) that provides enough space to install landscaping. Of the two options proposed, respondents were nearly aligned; 52 percent for Proposal B and 49 percent for Proposal A. However, a closer look at Hayward Park respondents told us that 17 of those respondents preferred Proposal B, to only 5 votes for Proposal A. 

What’s Next?

Staff has now completed presentations to the Sustainability and Infrastructure Commission and City Council. You can view both presentations below. Based on feedback, the project team will begin development of the project soon. Thank you to everyone who participated during the public feedback stages. 

Project Documents: