Pavement Rehabilitation

Paving - SR2 - 2018-2019We manage the ongoing upkeep of our city roads and in doing so identify segments of roads that need maintenance. To understand how we maintain our roads, visit our pavement maintenance page. 

When we select segments of road for rehabilitation, the work can include replacement of deficient curb, gutter, and sidewalk, as well as installation of ADA-compliant sidewalk ramps, Installation of pavement markings and removal and replacement of outdated traffic signposts. 

Click here for a map of proposed road segments for resurfacing/slurry sealing (current to 2026 season).These segments are subject to change. Segment Map

Active Projects

Citywide Street Slurry Seal Package 2-A

The Citywide Street Slurry Seal Package 2A was awarded to American Asphalt Repair & Resurfacing Company, Inc. by City Council on September 6, 2022. Residents near the project locations can expect to receive scheduling details from the contractor. Construction was suspended due to wet and cold weather conditions. The project resumed in April 2023.

This project will include slurry seal, traffic striping, and repaint of curbs within the project limit. Location Map

Slurry seal schedule will be updated weekly. Last update 05/23/2023

Note: Notifications are typically mailed out to properties within a one-block radius of the project area. 

Citywide Street Rehabilitation Package 4-B 

The Citywide Street Rehabilitation Package 4-B is currently in design. It is anticipated to be advertising for construction bidding in April/May 2023. Project improvements pavement rehabilitation, curb ramp installations, and pavement striping.

List of Street Segments:

  • Alley "15" (43rd Avenue to North Road) 
  • 36th Avenue  (Hacienda Street to Edison Street)
  • 37th Avenue (Alameda de las Pulgas to Edison Street) 
  • N. Delaware Street (State Street to E. Poplar Avenue)
  • N. Delaware Street (Indian Avenue to 1st Avenue) 
  • S. Grant Street (E. 4th Avenue to E. 5th Avenue) 
  • S. Grant Street (E. 5th Avenue to 9th Avenue) 
  • Polhemus Road (Ticonderoga Drive to Paul Scannell Drive)
  • Overload Drive (Pallos Verdes Drive to Glendora Drive)
  • Woodberry Avenue (OverlandDrive to Glendora Drive)