Bicycle Master Plan 2020 

The 2020 San Mateo Bicycle Master Plan (2020 Plan) is the culmination of over a year of robust community engagement, existing conditions and data analysis, and planning and design work. The 2020 Plan was adopted by City Council on April 6, 2020 and serves as a blueprint for expanding and improving the San Mateo bicycle and mobility network in the coming years.

Implementing the 2020 Bicycle Master Plan

We are working hard to make the vision in the 2020 Bicycle Master Plan come to life. Scroll down to see what bicycle projects are upcoming, in progress, or already completed. (Updated in January 2024)

Upcoming Bike Projects

In Progress Projects

  • 28th Ave./Hillsdale Caltrain Station Gap Closure Project
    • 28th Avenue Class IV Separated and Class II Buffered Bike Lanes - Edison Street to E. Kyne Street
  • Delaware Street Safe Routes to School Corridor
    • Delaware Street Class IV Separated Bike Lane and Bike Boulevard - 19th Avenue to Pacific Boulevard

Completed Projects

Plan Documents

Stay Updated on Bike Projects

Interactive Proposed Bicycle Network Map

Take a look at our new bike facilities and proposed facilities planned for San Mateo! Click the map and move your curser to move around the map. To zoom in and out, click the plus and minus symbols in the upper left hand corner of the map. Select the two arrows at the upper left hand corner of the map to view the map legend.  

The colors on the map represent different types of bicycle facilities.

Bike Map Legend


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