Safe Streets San Mateo

2021 Safe Streets San Mateo Social Graphics

Ensuring safety on our streets is a key tenet of the work we do to keep our City livable for our residents and welcoming to our visitors. 

Our Police and Public Works departments work together to protect our citizenry by maintaining our roads, sidewalks, bike lanes, signage, and traffic signals, and patrolling and enforcing the rules of the road. 

We rely on our residents to help us by doing their part. 

Are you conducting yourself safely on our City roads? Do you look both ways before crossing at an intersection? Are you watching for pedestrians when you’re driving? Are you a cyclist following the road rules just like the vehicles?

Safe Streets San Mateo is a reminder to all of us to be aware of each other on the roads, sidewalks, intersections and bike lanes that make up our City’s streets. 

Get Involved

Our data show that pedestrian safety is our top priority in 2021, which means that much of the Safe Street San Mateo social media messaging you’ll see will be focused on reminding both pedestrians and drivers (and cyclists, too) to share our roads and look out for one another.

How can you help? You can make Safe Street San Mateo decisions whenever you’re on our roads, sidewalks, bike paths, and at our intersections.

  • Be Aware. Never drive/walk/cycle distracted
  • Drivers, go the speed limit
  • Drivers, slow down when pedestrians/cyclists are sharing the road
  • Pedestrians, look up before crossing the road, especially at crosswalks and intersections
  • Pedestrians, never step on to the street without looking
  • Cyclists, follow the road rules
  • Cyclists, use lights at night so you can be seen

You can share our social posts on your own social channels. Good behavior is copied by the people around you. Enter #SafeStreetsSanMateo in your social search engines, and like and share to let your neighbors know you join the City in making Safe Streets San Mateo a priority. 

Traffic Safety Maps

By mapping traffic issues, and sharing the data, we are better able to inform our community of our decision making when it comes to enforcement and engineering efforts. The Police Department is better able to deploy resources and provide education based on factual data. This allows for data led enforcement instead of only complaint driven enforcement. Our Public Works Department can utilize this data to evaluate the use of traffic calming devices and needs to study or and recommend infrastructure improvements to enhance safety. 

We hope our transparency allows you to better make decisions for yourself when in a certain area of the city, no matter the mode of transportation. Whether on foot, two wheels or four, we all have a responsibility to ourselves and those around us to move safely about and “get home safe”. 

Click the image below to see our Traffic Safety Maps 

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