Transit-Oriented Development Pedestrian Access Plan

The 2022 Transit-Oriented Development Pedestrian Access Plan serves as a roadmap to enhance pedestrian safety and create comfortable walking routes to transit for all ages and abilities. The Plan focuses on improving conditions for pedestrians around our three Caltrain stations (Downtown, Hillsdale, Hayward Park) and on El Camino Real.

The Plan was adopted by City Council on November 21, 2022.

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What is Transit-Oriented Development?

Transit-oriented development, also referred to as "TOD" for short, includes a mix of land uses centered around a transit station. Dense, walkable, bike-friendly, mixed-use development near transit attracts people and adds to vibrant, connected communities. Focusing growth around transit stations capitalizes on public investments in transit and provides many benefits. 

In San Mateo, this type of development is found Downtown and in our TOD zones, which are around the Hayward Park and Hillsdale Caltrain stations. The concept of TOD makes an assumption that people living and working in TOD areas will access transit by biking or walking because they are located within one-half mile of transit. The 2022 Transit-Oriented Development Pedestrian Access Plan identifies projects needed to improve the safety and comfort of walking paths to transit in our TOD zones.