Name of Project:
North San Mateo Drive

Short Description of Project: The Public Works Department is implementing "Complete Streets" improvements to North San Mateo Drive from Baldwin Avenue to Peninsula Avenue. San Mateo Drive is the County of San Mateo Bicycle route through San Mateo. The Project provides pedestrian and bicycle safety improvement that are consistent with the Pedestrian, Bicycle, and Sustainable Streets Master Plans. The Project consists of implementation of a road diet that converts the existing four-lane to two-lane with center turn lane and bicycle lanes from Poplar Avenue to Peninsula Avenue.

“Complete Streets” is a nationwide effort to create streets that can accommodate all users — pedestrians, bicyclists, cars and mass transit. “Sustainable Streets” is the complete streets plus Green Infrastructure concepts with features to improve stormwater quality to the City’s collection system.

Benefits of Work:
  • Adding approximately 1 mile of road diet which includes bicycle improvements through the installation of Class II bicycle lanes and Class III shared lanes
  • Adding pedestrian countdown signal heads
  • Adding curb extension to shorten pedestrian crossings
  • Reducing narrow outside travel lanes to reduce sideswipes
  • Adding center turn lane to reduce left turn conflicts and rear-end collisions
  • Adding stormwater treatment curb extensions for sustainability

Project Phase:
Construction began August 2020.
Construction Zone Areas:
North San Mateo Drive between Baldwin Avenue and Peninsula Avenue.
Approximately 100 feet at the side streets at each intersections.

Resident Engineer: Elton Yee
Phone: 650-522-7320