Bicycle Master Plan Update

We want San Mateo to become a great a bike-friendly city. To accomplish this goal, we are in the process of updating our 2011 Bicycle Master Plan to ensure that your ride around the city is safe, comfortable, and accessible. The City of San Mateo is committed to increasing our bicycle and pedestrian mode share to 30% by 2020.

The biggest part of this process includes San Mateo residents joining City staff to plan the future of bicycling in the City. 

We Need You

Are you a cyclist in the City of San Mateo? Do you want to be? Whether you are a commuting cyclist, a recreational cyclist or an occasional cyclist, we invite you to get involved in our upcoming community workshops, forums, bike rides, and pop-up events.

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Cycling in San Mateo

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Bike Master Plan History

Currently, San Mateo has over 25 miles of on-street bikeways and 12 miles of trails.  Changes in transportation priorities, including the implementation of Complete Streets policies, have created opportunities for a more viable biking environment in the city. 

As community interest in bicycling has grown, so too has the need to assess the current Plan last revised in 2011.

Updating the Master Plan

The updated Bicycle Master Plan is dedicated to expanding our bicycle network while maintaining the quality of ride, safety for all and accessibility to everyone who wants to enjoy San Mateo on human-powered transportation.Cycling in San Mateo

As part of the recent updates to the City of San Mateo’s General Plan --  used by the City Council and the Planning Commission in considering land use and planning-related decisions – we realized that our network of bike lanes throughout the city and the shoreline bike path make discovering the city by bicycle a great experience. We would like to encourage more bicycle traffic for residents and visitors in San Mateo.

The new Bicycle Master Plan aims to ensure that experience remains great by eliminating all roadway collisions, injuries, and fatalities among bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorists. We want to create a bike network that will keep bicyclists safe.

Whether you are an experienced cyclist or just learning how to ride, the updated Plan will make San Mateo bikeways easy to use, encouraging families and groups to ride together. Expanding our connected network of bikeways encourage more commuting-by-bike options, and makes it easier to get around San Mateo by human power.

The updated Plan will help increase access to our newest bikeway projects, including the Hillsdale Pedestrian/Bicyclist Bridge and the Bay to Transit Trail. It will also help us achieve the goals and recommendations developed as part of the Sustainable Streets Plan and the Climate Action Plan.