Illegal Dumping

The City of San Mateo places strict controls on dumping waste on private and public property to ensure safety and preserve the cleanliness and attractiveness of the City. Blocked streets and sidewalks create safety hazards, and storage of waste in public right-of-ways and private property lowers property values, creates a public nuisance, can be a safety and health hazard. In short, dumping is illegal.

How to Report Dumping

You can help The City stay clean and safe by letting us know about items that have been dumped.

If you witness illegal dumping, call the San Mateo Police Department
at (650) 522-7700.

If you discover illegal dumping, call Public Works. When you make your report, describe the address, or nearest cross streets, and provide a description of the items dumped. You can also include a photo. A City inspector will visit the site and make a recommendation for disposal.

Report Stormwater Pollution to Environmental Compliance.

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Illegal Dumping