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Did you know that in the United States, well over 70% of all materials sent to the landfill can be recycled or composted instead? Even though the City of San Mateo already diverts over 50% of household waste away from the landfill, we are constantly striving to do better.

One of the easiest ways to show your support for the environment is to recycle and take advantage of the curbside collection system that the City of San Mateo has in place. And you are doing a good job! Check out the results of your efforts!

Here’s an easy guide to follow when helping San Mateo go GREEN.

Compost (Green Cart) = Food, Paper, Yard Trimmings
With Recology's composting program, you can put food scraps and beverage soiled paper products in with your yard trimmings. All your leftovers, meat, poultry, fish and bones, dairy, breads, pastas, coffee grounds, tea bags, egg shells and pizza boxes, paper plates, napkins and cups will be composted instead of thrown away (source: Recology).

For a detailed list of green cart compost materials, visit Recology.

Recycling (Blue Cart) = Bottles and Cans

You can conveniently place all your recyclables into one wheeled blue cart - no sorting! With single-stream recycling, you can mix your newspaper, junk mail, magazines, office paper, milk and juice cartons and cardboard with your plastic, aluminum and glass containers (source: Recology).

For a detailed list of blue cart recycling items, visit Recology.

Garbage (Black Cart) = Waste

Anything that doesn't go in the Recycle or Compost Carts will go in this cart. Remember, everything that you place in the Garbage cart goes directly into the landfill (source: Recology).

For a detailed list of items to discard in the garbage cart, visit Recology

Cart Service Hours

For residential customers, waste containers must be at the curb after noon the day prior to service and must be retrieved by midnight the day of service. The new ordinance was adopted on November 19, 2018 and took effect on December 20, 2018. Enforcement started in January 2019.

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