Support Local Green Businesses

As consumers, we have the option to vote with our dollar and show businesses what we value. Choosing environmentally-friendly products is one way to show that we care about the environment. Another is to support green businesses. 
We are lucky in our City to have a number of business owners who also value the environment. We have the opportunity to choose greener products and services. There are an increasing number of local Certified Green Businesses. They vary in scope and different service industries. 

Below is a list from the current certified green businesses in San Mateo. Please show your support for our Local Green businesses!
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Architects, Landscape & Design

Business Name
Address Phone Number
Callander Associates 311 7th Ave (650) 375-1313
Re:modern Design 851 N. San Mateo Drive, Suite H (650) 343-2700

Automobile Repair, Service & Wash

Business Name
Address Phone Number
All-Car Auto Painting & Body Repair 501 9th Ave. (650) 343-5624
Ducky's Carwash San Mateo 716 N. San Mateo Dr. (650) 375-8100


Business Name
Address Phone Number
Deccan Dental
1528 S. El Camino Real  (650) 212-3500


Business Name
Address Phone Number
Nandi Yoga     309 8th Ave.. (650) 343-9642

Other Services

Business Name
Address Phone Number
The Atrium (Office) 1900 S. Norfolk St. Suite 230 (650) 570-6619
Green Electric (Electrician) 942 S. El Camino Real (650) 422-3002
Press On Cleaners 1464 Cary Ave. (650) 342-2987
San Mateo County Coroner's Office 50 Tower Road (650) 312-5562
TreeRing Corporation (Custom Yearbook) 300 S. Ellsworth Ave. (650) 755-8733


Business Name
Address Phone Number
Reach and Teach 144 W. 25th Ave. (650) 759-3784

How Can I Become a Certified Green Business?

The San Mateo County Green Business Program certifies and promotes small to medium-sized businesses that operate in an environmentally-responsible manner. By offering technical assistance and resources, the County helps local businesses save money by teaching them how to conserve energy and water, minimize waste, prevent pollution, and shrink their carbon footprints.

The program, which is part of the California Green Business Network, is available to small and medium businesses throughout San Mateo County in the following sectors: office/retail, restaurant/catering, hotel, cleaning services, auto repair, small manufacturing, printing, and medical/dental practices.

While the program focuses on retail and commercial businesses, County and City facilities and individual department locations can also apply for certification.

Find out more about the San Mateo County Green Business Program.
Find out more about the California Green Business Network.