Draw Your Map

This page was last updated December 2021. The information below is provided as a historical record.

After a robust community outreach initiative, the City Council selected Map 3b as San Mateo's new district elections map. The information below was shared with the community to gather public input. At this time, draft maps are no longer being collected. Visit the related documents page to review public submissions.

Visit the Draft Maps for Review page for official draft maps prepared by the City's consulting demographer.

Public Submissions - No Longer Active

Online Mapping Tool - DistrictR

The City used the online mapping tool DistrictR to gather public input. 

Print Your Own

The public was encouraged to use this printable map available in English or Spanish to submit ideas for how to split the City into five Council districts.

Review Community Submissions

Hand-drawn maps are shown below, and submissions through DistrictR were displayed on the DistrictR page.

DistrictR Screenshot Opens in new window 

Instructional Videos

  1. Official Draft District Maps
  2. Community Submitted Hand Drawn Maps