Slow for Students

Slow for Students aims to create a safer environment around schools for students by promoting safe driving near schools and reducing speed limits. In doing so, the City strives to give students the option to safely walk and bike to school and have a healthier lifestyle. 

Slow for Students is an extension of the Safe Streets San Mateo effort

Get Involved

Help promote safety near schools by sharing or posting the Slow for Students materials provided at the bottom of this page or sharing our social posts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Nextdoor) on your own social channels. Enter #SlowforStudents in your social search engines, and like and share to let your family and friends know you support Slow for Students.

Any resident can get involved by reducing speeds when driving near schools and being aware of pedestrians and bicyclists while driving. 


Public Works Department
(650) 522-7300

Reduced Speed Limits Near Schools

To ensure a safe environment for students, speed limits around schools will be lowered to 15 and 25 miles per hour (mph). Qualifying streets within 500 feet of the school will have a 15 mph speed limit and streets within 500-1000 feet from a school will have a 25 mph speed limit.

The Public Works Department will roll out new speed limit signs in three phases. Notifications with construction information will be sent to schools and residents near schools at the beginning of each phase.

Phase 1 - Public Elementary and Middle Schools (In construction)
Phase 2 - Private Elementary and Middle Schools (In design)
Phase 3 - High Schools (In design)

Construction Information - Phase 1 Schools

New speed limit signs will be installed beginning this month for schools included in Phase 1. The work is anticipated to be complete in Fall 2023 before the new school year. Vehicles must abide by the speed limit when children are present.

Click the map on the right see where speed limits are being lowered for Phase 1 and what the new speed limit will be.

Schools included in Phase 1 are listed below:

  • Abbott Middle School
  • Bayside Academy School 
  • Beresford Elementary School 
  • Borel Middle School School 
  • College Park Elementary School 
  • Fiesta Gardens International Elementary School
  • George Hall Elementary School
  • Laurel Elementary School
  • LEAD Elementary School 
  • North Shoreview Elementary School 
  • Parkside Elementary School
  • San Mateo Park Elementary School 
  • Sunnybrae Elementary School
Reduced Speed Limits Phase 1 Map

Phase 2 and 3 Schools

Phase 2 - Private Elementary and Middle SchoolsPhase 3 - High Schools
Centennial Montessori SchoolHillsdale High School
Shiloh United SchoolJunipero Serra High School
Stanbridge AcademySan Mateo High School
St. Gregory Elementary SchoolThe Carey School
St. Matthew Catholic School
St. Timothy School

Show Your Support

Download, share, and post these Slow for Students materials to show your support for safety near schools.

Materials are being developed and will be posted when available.