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Safe Streets San Mateo

Ensuring safety on our streets is a key tenet of the work we do to keep our City livable for our residents and welcoming to our visitors. 

Our Police and Public Works departments work together to protect our citizenry by maintaining our roads, sidewalks, bike lanes, signage, and traffic signals, and patrolling and enforcing the rules of the road. 

We rely on our residents to help us by doing their part. 

Are you conducting yourself safely on our City roads? Do you look both ways before crossing at an intersection? Are you watching for pedestrians when you’re driving? Are you a cyclist following the road rules just like the vehicles?

Safe Streets San Mateo is a reminder to all of us to be aware of each other on the roads, sidewalks, intersections and bike lanes that make up our City’s streets. Learn more at Safe Streets San Mateo.

Traffic Enforcement

The primary goal of San Mateo Police Department’s Traffic Unit is to ensure the safety of motorists and pedestrians. The Traffic Unit is responsible for keeping San Mateo roadways moving during delays, reroutes and collision scenes, civic functions, special events, and parades. 

The Traffic Unit handles:

  • Traffic complaint enforcement
  • High congestion traffic control and enforcement
  • Accident reduction enforcement
  • Special event traffic control

Tickets (Citations)

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Contact the Traffic Unit

All traffic requests can be submitted directly to our Traffic Unit sergeants by email at or by calling the traffic tip hotline at (650) 522-7740. 

Parking Enforcement

The City of San Mateo re-engineered our approach to parking enforcement, designing a hybrid model. The model consists of scalable, contracted services, to address downtown parking, our growing residential parking permit program, and other regular services; while retaining police-specific resources to handle abandoned vehicle abatement and other requests that might require a community policing-type response. Following a request for proposals (RFP) and evaluation process with multiple candidates, the City acquired the services of Laz Parking – a full service parking enforcement company. 

Laz Parking will supplement a new model with enforcement on street sweeping, Residential Permit Parking Program (RPPP), downtown lots and metered parking, and commercial zones. The police department’s abandoned vehicle enforcement program will continue to be managed by City employees. 

Tickets (Citations)

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Contact Parking Enforcement

Parking enforcement requests can be submitted to Laz Parking by email at or by calling (650) 398-3082. 

All abandoned vehicles must be reported online