Safe Routes to School

The City of San Mateo officially kicked off its Safe Routes to School program in June 2023, following years of grant-supported related efforts. We collaborate with local school districts, local schools, the County Office of Education, the San Mateo Police Department, parent and community volunteers, and other community groups to implement the Safe Routes to School program, which is part of a nationwide effort to encourage students and families to get to school safely by means other than a car.

Why Walk and Roll to School?

Walking and biking to school keeps children happy, healthy and focused. It establishes healthy habits and an active lifestyle that is more likely to continue as children age. It promotes social inclusion, functional independence and spatial intelligence. And it improves transportation safety, reduces traffic congestion and helps us all combat climate change.

Benefits of Safe Routes to School


Parkside Montessori families bike across town to school together. "Bike trains" like this one add safety while encouraging active transportation.

Bike trains in San Mateo

North Shoreview Montessori students and their families walk to school for Ruby Bridges Day from Seal Point Park

North Shoreview Montessori families walk for Ruby Bridges

Borel Middle School students participate in Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day on November 14, 2023.

Borel Middle School students honor Ruby Bridges Day

LEAD Elementary School students and their families met at Shoreview Shopping Center to walk together to school to commemorate Ruby Bridges Day on November 14, 2023.

LEAD rally point walk to school 2023 Ruby Bridges Day
College Park Elementary Marches for Ruby Bridges

6Es: Components of a Safe Routes to School Program

  • Education: Pedestrian and bicycling safety workshops
  • Encouragement: Student incentives to promote participation
  • Engagement: Begin by listening to students, families, teachers, school leaders and working with existing community organizations, and build intentional, ongoing engagement opportunities into the program structure.
  • Engineering: Infrastructure improvements to support safe school commutes
  • Evaluation: Conduct student travel tallies and parent surveys to assess school commute patterns
  • Equity: Support safe, active, and healthy school commute options for all community members

How Can I Walk or Bike to My School?

Find your school and click the map to view a suggested walk/bike route for the Safe Routes to School Program.

More Information

Casia Ravi, Safe Routes to School Coordinator
(650) 522-7245

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