Checklists, Guidelines, & Forms

We've made hundreds of forms, checklists, guidelines, and general information documents available to help you remodel, build a new structure, and more!

Below we've listed the TOP 5 REQUESTED FORMS for each category - click the 'View More...' link to go directly to the document folder where you can see even more documents.

Plan Review Checklists

These documents are for applicants when submitting plans for review to help ensure completeness of their plans.

Field Inspection Checklists

These documents are helpful to contractors and inspectors to ensure that the required components are ready for inspection. Most of these are designed for final inspections.

Building Forms

Documents that need to be filled out to achieve a goal or result.

Helpful Guides

These documents are designed for the applicant for various kinds of permits to help them understand all the general and specific requirements for obtaining a permit. They generally include the Building Division as well as other departments or divisions requirements. In addition, they may include requirements of the building code and inspection checklists.

Building Packets

Packets are groups of documents that may include any, or all, of the following: checklists, guides, forms, policies, procedures, etc.


Procedures: Step by step descriptions on how to accomplish a specific task. Most of these are used internally by staff rather than by applicants.

A specific interpretation or explanation of a Building Division understanding of a code requirement. These are used to help maintain consistency of staff implementation.

These handouts use drawings or a plan to illustrate a requirement.

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