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Responsible for ensuring that development projects are designed and constructed to a high level of quality and in compliance with adopted code standards. 

We enforce building, plumbing, mechanical, electrical installations and accessibility and energy compliance. In the event of an emergency or disaster, it is our responsibility to perform damage assessments of all structures.

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When building permits are issued, they include a built-in expiration date, governed by the Administrative Code. The information below explains how long permits last and how they may be renewed. If you have additional questions about the status of a building permit, please call us at 650-522-7187.

Governor Brown has signed Assembly Bill 2913 (Wood; D-Santa Rosa). This bill extends the expiration date of the building permit issued after January 1st from 180-days (6-months) to 365-days (12 months). You are allowed to request one or more 6-month extensions in writing to the Building Division. Once the work has started and the first required inspection has been passed, the permittee must show that the work is progressing by passing a valid inspection at least every 180 days (six months). If these progress requirements are not met the permit will expire.

Please refer to the following link for a copy of Assembly Bill No. 2913: