4 West Santa Inez Condos (SPAR+SDPA+VTM)

PA15-104 4 W Santa Inez

Project Description 

  • Demolish two existing single-family residences and merge two parcels
  • Construct a new 4-story, 15,322 square-foot, 10-unit condominium building
  • New underground parking garage with 23 stalls
  • Removal of 22 trees 

Project Update

  • After initial project denial in 2018, the Superior Court of California issued a writ in 2021 for the City Council to reconsider the project. On February 7, 2022 the City Council reconsidered and approved the subject project by a vote 4-0-1 (1 recusal). 

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Applicant Contact Information

John Lucchesi 
John Matthews Architects
335A East 4th Ave
San Mateo CA 94080
Office: 650.340.1107

City Contact Information

Laura Richstone
Associate Planner
(650) 522-7205