Automated Photo Enforcement

The City of San Mateo introduced the Automated Photo Enforcement program in 2005 and ceased operations in mid-2019. You can read a staff report or news announcement to learn more about the program's history and cancellation.

Picture of a Red Light cameraWhen the program was active, automated enforcement equipment - also known as red-light cameras - was installed at three locations providing enforcement for five directions of travel.

  • EB Hillsdale Blvd to NB Saratoga Drive: Activated on April 2005
  • SB Saratoga Drive to EB & WB Hillsdale Blvd: Activated on April 2005
  • EB Hillsdale Blvd to S. Norfolk Street: Activated on July 2005
  • WB Hillsdale Blvd to S. Norfolk Street: Activated on July 2005
  • EB 4th Avenue to Humboldt Street: Activated on October 2006

Anyone with questions about the program may send us an email or call 650-522-7728.