License Plate Readers

The San Mateo Police Department has patrol vehicles equipped with automated license plate readers (ALPRs) to better safeguard our community, helping to not only locate stolen vehicles and missing persons, but also wanted violent felons. These devices have also proven time and again to identify crime trends because stolen vehicles are so often used by criminals during their commission of other crimes.
Although the system does not retain private information of any kind, we recognize that your privacy is important to you - and THAT is important to US! Data from our ALPR system, like those from the other agencies in our County and much of the Bay Area, is uploaded and retained by the Northern California Regional Crime Information Center (NCRIC) through their database. NCRIC has a thorough policy and privacy impact assessment to assure the public of our ethical use of this data.

Visit the NCRIC website for policy information and FAQs, as well as their Privacy Impact Analysis.


NCRIC ALPR Privacy Impact Assessment

Frequently Asked Questions about Automated License Plate Readers and Answers from NCRIC