Tickets (Citations)

Paying a Moving Violation or Parking Citation Although your citation may have been issued by a City of San Mateo Police Department officer, moving and parking citation payments and disputes are handled by the court system.
Please use the following links to pay your ticket or get more information:
Contesting a Moving Violation or Parking Citation
Given the time constraints for filing your appeal through the proper procedures, we have outlined the steps you must take to dispute your citation or violation below so you can review and follow - ensuring that you follow the designated legal process for disputing your citation, however; there are specific legal procedures that must be followed when disputing a parking citation or moving violation.
  • If you plan to contest a citation, please be aware that there are procedures set in place and date/time limits for contesting your citation that you need to follow.
  • Specific instructions for contesting your citation are written on the back of your citation and also outlined below
  • If you have further questions or concerns regarding your citation, please refer to the contact information written on your citation.
PLEASE NOTE: With the exception of designated Appeals Officers and the process noted below, city officials are barred by law from considering, directing, or soliciting the dismissal of traffic or parking citations.

How to Appeal a Moving Violation:

Submit an Online Appeal:

The Superior Court of California County of San Mateo Traffic website discusses several options for appealing your citation or you may go to the court listed at the bottom of your citation.

How to Appeal a Parking Citation:

Submit an Online Appeal:
You can appeal your citation online at
Submit a Written Appeal: You may contest the citation in writing within 21 calendar days of the issue date of your citation. Please include the following information:
  • Indicate the reason(s) you feel your citation was issued in error,
  • Include copies of any documentation to support your claim (documents will not be returned),
  • Include your citation or reminder notice,
  • Include your full name,
  • Include your mailing address (results of the agency’s decision cannot be mailed without a complete and correct address – include suite number, apartment number, zip code, etc.)
Mail all information to:
Office of Parking Violations
City of San Mateo
P.O. Box 9003
Redwood City, CA 94065-9003

Lost Parking Ticket or


Call 800-352-7567 for lost parking tickets or citations.

Referenced violations

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