Child Care Startup Guide

COVER ONLY thumb- City of San Mateo Child Care Start Up Guide Opens in new windowStarting or expanding child care facilities and family child care homes are important businesses for both families and the local economy. The truth is, there are known barriers to establishing these businesses, a couple of the biggest ones are insufficient information on what is involved and the costs of development with the accompanying lack of sufficient financial resources.

Child Care Startup Guide

The Child Care Startup Guide is part of the City’s effort to help remove barriers and provide some general information for both child care centers and Family Child Care Home (FCCH) providers navigating the City’s permit process and related building requirements. It provides general information and poses questions about key considerations, offers quick tips, summarizes basic requirements, outlines the various processes related to construction, and includes a number of links to references for important regulatory resources and more.

Child Care Facility Fund Site Assessment Report - Form Opens in new windowChild Care Facility Fund Site Assessment Report

The Site Assessment Report is a service available for anyone who is prepared with some basic information and needs to know if a potential property or location is viable for a child care facility. This is a free and valuable opportunity for a cross-department service from City staff. It is intended to provide a broad summary of the conditions, requirements, and/or recommendations of the property.

All Child Care Facilities Fund loan applicants will be required to complete this process and it will help and assure the loan request amount will be appropriate to meet those needs. Requestors need to do some initial planning and research. Use this form to help gather the key information for your project and please review the Child Care Start Up Guide on the City’s website for additional information and resources. Once completed, contact City Staff to schedule a site visit at (650) 522‐7164 or