How to Apply for Fund Assistance

Creating more quality child care places in San Mateo is important to the City. To help address that need, the City of San Mateo created the Child Care Facilities Development Fee. The funds are legally restricted to capital expenditures for child care, but that includes a wide variety of ways those funds can be used.

The Interim Child Care Facilities Fund Guidelines provide important information about the types of assistance opportunities available. The expected result is high-quality child care available to families with children ages birth up to age 5 or to facilities providing licensed school-age care.

  • Access to funding assistance is available on an open and rolling process for accepting applications.
  • When the City determines that there are insufficient funds for viable projects, accepting applications may pause until such time sufficient funds have accumulated.
  • It is expected that applicants for funds have reviewed the Child Care Startup Guide (Español - Ciudad de San Mateo Cuidado Infantil Guía de Inicio). Loan applicants are required to complete the Child Care Site Assessment process prior to submitting any application. Letter of Inquiries are suggested to complete the assessment to greatest degree possible.

There are two primary ways to apply for funds:

  1. Child Care Facilities Fund Loan Application - used by child care providers and/or developers to borrow funds specifically to develop, expand, or otherwise enhance child care facilities or family child care homes.
  2. Child Care Facilities Fund Project Assistance Letter of Inquiry - used for unique ideas and opportunities for projects that may require a different form of collaboration.