Homelessness & Illegal Lodging

San Mateo Police Department’s Homeless Outreach Team are specially trained officers who help connect unsheltered people to housing and critical resources in San Mateo County. This team of officers have advanced certifications in crisis intervention and de-escalation techniques, lending themselves to the tasks of reaching those most in need. 

Our department recognizes the need for a compassionate response to drug addiction, mental illness, and homelessness. Our department strives to engage and link individuals to resources and solutions when they come in contact with our department. The unit’s goals are to reduce recidivism, create positive relationships, and improve the quality of life within our community.

The first step for people experiencing homelessness is connecting with a Homeless Outreach Team officer. We encourage you to report illegal lodging if seen in the city limits of San Mateo. Please be sure to record the location and provide a photograph for the officer. 

To report illegal lodging in the city limits of San Mateo, not highway related, please complete our form

All illegal illegal lodging on or near a highway, must be reported to CalTrans through their online portal. The San Mateo Police Department’s Homeless Outreach Team does not have jurisdiction over State property.