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Report Illegal Lodging

  1. About Illegal Lodging
    We appreciate you taking the time to report illegal lodging. San Mateo Police Department officers work to ensure a consistent, coordinated, and humane response to people experiencing homelessness. This is the first step in outreach from police officers to connect the homeless to a variety of resources in our county.

    Illegal lodging is one symptom of the large, complex problem of homelessness in the Bay Area and nationwide. San Mateo Police Department is working together with a variety of county agencies and community partners on a shared, targeted response to address the multifaceted problem.

    Any illegal lodging on private property is the responsibility of the owner. The SMPD will not act as your agent, however, SMPD will act as the community liaison to advise on removal and enforcement options available to the owner or agent of private property.
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    Please complete all fields in the form below. A San Mateo Police Department Homeless Outreach Officer will contact you should there be any follow-up questions and to provide you with a disposition of the report.

    Please note, all illegal lodging on or around state highways must be reported to Caltrans.
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