Safe Exchange Zone

The San Mateo Police Department offers a meetup spot for the safe exchange of private party transactions. This location is not intended for the exchange of drugs, weapons, or any other illegal items. If you make an online purchase and are looking for a safe place to make the exchange, you can use the designated area in front of our police department to complete your transaction.    

This area is monitored 24/7 by security cameras. Please be advised, the City of San Mateo assumes no liability for transactions or other activity occurring at this location. This is meant for person to person transactions, not internet orders/deliveries from UPS, FedEx, Amazon, etc.

Location and Hours

Our exchange zone is located at the main lobby entrance of 200 Franklin Parkway, San Mateo, CA 94403. This location is recorded 24-hours a day, however, we recommend you conduct your business during daytime hours. 

Safety Tips

  • Purchase locally and meet in a public place.
  • Never let a stranger into your home. Move items outside.
  • Have your cell phone with you.
  • Sell or purchase only during daytime hours.
  • Be cautious – if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.
MeetUp Spot for Internet Exchanges