Oversized Vehicle Parking

The Department of Public Works team, in collaboration with the community, reviewed its policy, guidelines, and ordinance for parking of large vehicles and vessels in residential neighborhoods. On May 6, 2013, City Council adopted Ordinance 2013-8 developed through a community process.

Parking Enforcement

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Ordinance Overview

This ordinance restricts the parking of oversized vehicles in the public right-of-way on streets that are zoned residential. 

An oversized vehicle is defined as having: 

  • A height, including load, of 7.5 feet
  • A width, including load, of 7.5 feet (from the widest portion of the vehicle, but not including mirrors)
  • A length, including load, of 22 feet (in combination with any attached trailer)
  • A weight (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating – GVWR) exceeding 5 tons (10,000 pounds)


The ordinance also prohibits unattached trailers, regardless of size, from being left in the public right-of-way on residential streets. Boat trailers are included. 

Since Recreational Vehicles are of a size that would define them as "oversize vehicles," this ordinance also restricts the parking of RV’s in the public right-of-way on streets that are zoned residential.


  1. Loading or unloading of persons or property
  2. Service to a property in the vicinity
  3. Emergency repairs or waiting for a tow operator for no longer than eight hours; or
  4. Response to a public emergency by any emergency vehicle of any political subdivision of the State of California.
  5. Parking of wheelchair-accessible vans.
  6. Allow RVs to be parked on public streets immediately abutting the owner’s residence for no more than 24 consecutive hours twice during any seven day period. This will allow RV owners to use their RV for recreation.

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