1. Downtown Parking,  Permits, and Facilities
  2. Residential Parking Permit
  3. Policies and Programs

Downtown Parking Permits

City-Owned Parking Facilities

Parking On the Street

  • On-street parking in the Downtown area is separated into two parking zones, Central and
    Perimeter, to accommodate short and long-term parking needs.
  • Visit the
    Downtown On-Street Parking webpage for information about parking spaces on the street,
    motorcycle parking, and pay station instructions.
Pay Parking Ticket

Parking Enforcement

Phone: (650) 398-3082 Email:

Have Questions?

Questions about parking in San Mateo
Fill out our online form to contact our Transportation Planning team with any questions you have. 

Assistance with Downtown Parking Permit Accounts
Please call Parkmobile at 1-855-768-4152 for assistance with downtown parking permit accounts.