Rolled Curb Parking

Understanding the RulesRolled Curb Parking 2019

In some San Mateo neighborhoods, you will encounter rolled curbs which is a sidewalk that curves on to the street, instead of a sharp corner edge like a typical sidewalk. The City has rules about parking on rolled curbs that you should be aware of. When parking at a rolled curb, no portion of the vehicle should extend into the sidewalk area. According to state and local laws, it is illegal for a vehicle to park over a rolled curb. Section 22500(f) of the California Vehicle Code prohibits parking over a rolled curb. The City of San Mateo issues citations when vehicles do not abide by these rules, and is blocking sidewalk access. 

Sidewalks Accessible for All

Next time you park at a rolled curb, remember to think about other road users, including pedestrians, wheelchairs, and strollers. Parking over a rolled curb creates an unsafe environment by:

  • Restricting access to the sidewalk for pedestrians
  • Impeding access to the sidewalk for wheelchair users, which violates the American Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Reducing walkability because the width of the sidewalk is constrained 
  • Inducing speeding because the width of the driving lane is increased

Be mindful of other road and sidewalk users and allow each a safe and unobstructed path through our neighborhoods.