City Council Vision, Goals and Priorities

  1. Vision
  2. Strategic Goals
  3. Current Priorities

City Council Vision

San Mateo:
  • Is a pre-eminent City between San Francisco and San Jose
  • Has strong, attractive commercial areas and viable, wholesome neighborhoods
  • Has a solid, healthy economic and financial base that cultivates innovation and technology
  • Includes its diverse population in all facets of community life and is a nurturing place for youth
  • Is safe and has well maintained infrastructure
  • Is the cultural center of the County
  • Is increasingly sustainable and a leader in reduce carbon emissions
To achieve this vision, the San Mateo City Government will:
  • Facilitate the effective functioning and development of the community and its citizens
  • Ensure all elements of the community are well represented in the government process
  • Serve as both a facilitator and a provider in seeing that community needs and desires are addressed through the most appropriate, effective delivery system whether it is public, non-public or public/private partnership
  • Serve as a consensus builder in the community and articulate collective direction
  • Maintain a responsive, capable staff dedicated to serving the community in a non-bureaucratic manner and provide high value for the expenditure of public funds
  • Look to the long-term future of the community and seek constant improvement, including increasing sustainability and reducing the community's carbon footprint
  • Be a full partner in the sharing of common services and regional affairs that affect the City