Bay Meadows Phase II Development Agreement Extension

PA23-050 Bay Meadows II Ext

Project Description

The Bay Meadows Phase II Development Agreement was adopted by the City Council in November of 2005 and become effective in December of 2005. The Development Agreement is an 18-year agreement between the applicant and the City to allow build-out of the Bay Meadows Phase II Specific Plan and included provision of public benefits, including public parks and financial contributions. The applicant has been approved for a three-year extension of the Development Agreement, which expires on December 21, 2023, to complete construction of the development including two mixed use buildings (Mixed Use Blocks 2 and 3) with a combined 303,000 square-feet of office uses and 67 housing units. This extends the Development Agreement to December 20, 2026. There are no changes proposed to previously approved Planning Applications or to the Specific Plan or to the Design Guidelines and Development Standards.

 Project Update 

  • The City Council approved the extension request through the First and Second Readings by a vote of 5-0 at the November 6, 2023 and November 20, 2023 respectively. 


 Applicant Information 

Emily Lesk
Wilson Meany
(415) 715-4483 

 City Contact Information

Rendell Bustos
Senior Planner
(650) 522-7211