Street Sweeping Program Improvements

e are required to prevent all trash from entering the San Francisco Bay through our storm drains to meet mandates set by the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board.

You can view your sweeping day here on this map

Sweeping Based On Trash Generation

In 2018, we modified our route schedule and frequency based on the amount of trash generated on a given street. Staff gathered trash collection data from the street sweeping program and conducted site visit observations over a period of time to verify 90 percent of our moderate and high generation trash areas.

The change meant that service adapted to the needs of the community and that the sweeping program could meet trash reduction requirements including keep the San Francisco Bay clean. Please see below for more detail on the designations. Click to enlarge the map below.

  • Green/Low generation streets: During leaf-season (October to March), these streets will be swept bi-weekly. From April to September, these streets will be swept monthly.
  • Yellow/Moderate generation streets: Year-round bi-weekly sweeping
  • Red/High generation streets: Year-round bi-weekly sweeping, and addition of parking restriction signs (see below)    TrashGenerationStreets Opens in new window        

Parking Restriction Signage

Parking restriction signs are expanded in red/high generation areas to keep streets clear for their scheduled sweeping. Without cars blocking the gutter of these high-priority streets, the sweepers can thoroughly clean the street and prevent litter from entering the San Francisco Bay. These signs will only restrict parking on the days and times where the gutters need to be clear for sweeping. See the map at right for the proposed new signage.

If you need a prompt to move your car, sign up for email notifications, you’ll get an email prior to your sweeping day.

If you have further questions or comments, please contact or call (650) 522-7300.