Reporting Graffiti in San Mateo

Your collaboration and assistance will help the City spot and report graffiti, improve the appearance of our community and increase safety throughout San Mateo’s neighborhoods.
Download the mySanMateo app
DOWNLOAD the mySanMateo app on iPhone or Android.
Online Graffiti Reporting
FILL OUT the Online Graffiti Reporting form.
Report Graffiti by Phone
CALL the 24-HOUR GRAFFITI HOTLINE: (888) 886-0766

Download the mySanMateo Smartphone App

Mobile technology puts the power to fight graffiti in your hands. By simply using your smartphone, the San Mateo community can easily report graffiti through the use of the new mobile app, mySanMateo.

  • Simply download the app to your iPhone or Android by searching for mySanMateo.
  • When you see graffiti snap a photo, provide the location, and submit your request to Graffiti Protective Coatings (GPC), the City’s new partner in providing graffiti removal services.
GPC is contracted through the Public Works Department to respond to requests for graffiti removal on City property within 2 days and within 24 hours in designated “hot spots”.

Although private property owners are responsible for removing graffiti from their buildings and facilities, the mySanMateo mobile app can also be used to report this graffiti so Code Enforcement can follow up with the property owner.

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