Council Member Adam Loraine

District 5
First Term: Expires 12/2026
Took Office: 12/05/22
Phone: (650) 522-7522 ext. 6263

Adam grew up in San Mateo, moving here with his family in 1995 when he was 10 years old. He attended Aragon High School and the College of San Mateo, before receiving a B.A. in Journalism from San Francisco State University.

Since 2010, Adam’s career has driven strategic growth, social impact and sustainability initiatives at ZS, a professional services firm focused on transforming global healthcare and more. 

Before joining the Council, Adam served on the board of the Home Association of North Central San Mateo (HANCSM), as well as the city’s Sustainability & Infrastructure Commission and General Plan Subcommittee. He is currently a member of the Beresford Hillsdale Neighborhood Association and the only renter on the Council.

Connect with Adam:

Adam Loraine

External Agencies Board Appointments

  • Housing Our People Effectively (HOPE) Interagency Council – Leadership Committee
  • South Bayside Waste Management Authority (SBWMA)

Internal Committee Appointments

  • General Plan Subcommittee

External Liaison Roles

  • City Delegate to Senator Josh Becker

Internal Liaison Roles

  • Community Relations Commission (CRC)
  • Sustainability & Infrastructure Commission
  • Youth Activities Council