Truck Route Program

Our truck routes are for commercial vehicles to travel between the state highways and commercial zones in San Mateo. Trucks may only travel on roads identified as Truck Routes in the Truck Route Map, except when necessary to access another street or streets for the delivery of goods or materials on a restricted street.

Our Truck Route Study and Policy describes which streets are specified as truck routes. These routes are codified in Section 11.28 of the Municipal Code – Restricted Use of Streets.

Do I need a permit to use the City’s Truck Route?

No, unless you are operating an oversize and/or overweight vehicles within our roadway network.

A oversize or overweight load is any load carried by a vehicle that exceeds 8’ 6” in width, 80’ in length, or 14’ in height. Examples of an oversize load include modular buildings and construction equipment.

Oversize Load Truck PermitTruck driving in San Mateo

The following items must be submitted prior to approval of an oversize load permit (Application must be submitted no less than two (2) business days prior to requested move date):

  • Oversize load permit application.
  • Any other permits as required (Caltrans, county, etc.)
  • Submit your application online using this form. (Note: the application is optimized for use with Chrome. Technical issues may be experienced if using a different internet browser.)

Will I have to pay a fee?

No. Oversize Load permits are free.

Who do I contact for Questions? 

Email: or phone to (650) 522-7300.