Traffic Signals

Traffic signals regulate the flow of traffic along the city’s major roadway system. It is vital that they are maintained and functional at all times.

There are 87 signal intersections owned and maintained by the City. The Public Works Department is responsible for signal placement and timing, installation, maintenance and repair of these 87 intersections within city limits.

Caltrans owns and maintains signals all along El Camino Real and near most freeway ramps.

Report a Signal Problem

Within City Limits

We need you to help us keep our traffic signals working at all times. Please Contact Us as soon as possible if you see a damaged or non-functioning signal. We respond 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergency situations (i.e., malfunctioning signal).

Our response is to first make the area safe (i.e., posting of signage). We then perform the repair as soon as possible.

Along El Camino Real

Traffic signals along El Camino Real are maintained by Cal Trans. Please call Cal Trans at (415) 330-6500 to report a problem with signal lights along El Camino Real.

Please Remember!

A signal controlled intersection where the lights are not working or only the red light is flashing is treated the same as a four-way stop sign intersection and the right-of-way rule must be followed. Stop first. Yield the right-of-way. Proceed carefully through intersection. Drive defensively. Other drivers may not realize the signal is out.