Street Lights

Well-lit streets make for safer streets.

We have a maintenance program that proactively addresses street light outages on major streets. We change out inoperative bulbs on major streets on a quarterly basis. In recent years, we have been switching out bulbs with LED bulbs and have updated approximately 90 percent of the City's street lights.

You can help the city maintain well-lit streets by letting us know if any of our 7,500 street lights are broken, flickering or dark. We strive to make an initial response within 48 hours. To report a malfunctioning street light, call us at 650-522-7300 or email us at

Who owns the lights? 

The City of San Mateo shares the operation and maintenance of all of our street lights with PG&E, which means that when a light needs repair or replacement we must first determine who owns the light in question. Below are visual to explain how different styles of street lights in San Mateo are managed. 

To report a malfunctioning City-managed street light, call us at 650-522-7300 or email us at To contact PG&E about one of its managed street lights, click here.

Street Light ownership - Lanterns

Street Light Management - Cobraheads

For more information on who owns a street light throughout the state, visit PG&E's page here.

Street Light Conversion Program

The Public Works Department is converting street lights on high voltage circuits to more reliable – and energy efficient – standard voltage circuits.Street Light Conversion 2019 - Before and After

In 2019, conversion efforts were focused in the Baywood-Aragon neighborhood (see map) to prepare the underground components for the eventual conversion to more sustainable lights. City staff presented the current status of the project at the Sept. 3, 2019 San Mateo City Council meeting, which you can view here: Our presentation starts at the 1-hour mark.

Staff are currently assessing solutions for new street lights in the neighborhood. 

Have questions about the project? call us at 650-522-7300 or email us at