Private Sewer Lateral Cost Sharing Program

The FY2022/23 Sewer Lateral Cost Sharing Program is closed as of 9/29/2022. We are no longer excepting applications.

 FY2023/24 program will open in July 2023. Updates and guidelines coming soon!  

Learn About the Sewer Lateral Ordinance Guidelines -  Click Here

Program Information:

  • The application and bids must be approved prior to the replacement of your full sewer lateral. 
  • This program does not have a retroactive component (You will not be accepted into the program if you have already completed the work)
  • The program does not cover partial replacements, spot repairs, pot hole repairs, additional street resurfacing, and CCTV.
  • Funds are awarded on a first come/first serve basis.

How does the program work? Lateral Image

1. The property owner must submit an application.

2. The application is reviewed for street moratoriums that may need additional street resurfacing at the owners expense

  • Once, the application is approved. The property owner has three months, from the date of acceptance into the program, to complete the full replacement of the sewer lateral and submit the reimbursement paperwork before their application is void. 

3. Once, the application is approved. The property owner must contact three licensed contractors for estimates for full sewer lateral replacement and submit those estimates for review and approval. 

  • Once the bids have been approved, the property owner may move forward with the full replacement of their sewer lateral. 
  • Please note: we only reimburse 50 percent of the lowest bid to a maximum of $5000.  

5. When the replacement work is completed, applicants must submit the reimbursement request form for the program and return it to us along with all of the listed paperwork. All forms must be complete and accurate. 2023 /2024 Guidelines Coming Soon!

6. If the documents are not correct this will delay the reimbursement process. Due to the large number of participants the reimbursement process may take up to 4-6 months to complete. 

2021/2022 Sewer Lateral Stats

To see our stats from last year, take a look at our 2021/2022 Sewer Lateral Report.


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