Sewer Service Charge

As part of the annual property tax bill, property owners pay a sewer service charge. This funds the sanitary sewer collection system running beneath the city, as well as the wastewater treatment plant that processes everything that goes down the drain.  This charge is calculated directly from the volume of fresh water used by each parcel and the estimated intensity of the resulting wastewater.  The tabs below display the latest rates, information on how to calculate your total sewer charge, and additional documentation.

  1. Sewer Rates
  2. How to Calculate Your Charge
  3. Additional Info

Sewer rates have been approved for 2018-19 as follows:

Residential ClassRate
Class A usage-based fee$7.15/CCF
Per-dwelling unit fee$36.59/mo
Commercial ClassRate
Class B$14.19/CCF
Class C$20.48/CCF
Class D$30.35/CCF
Class ECase-by-Case Basis
Minimum Charge$36.59/mo

Sewer Rates have also been approved through Fiscal Year 2022-23. Please see the Proposition 218 Notice (PDF) to see the sewer rates for upcoming years.

To learn more about the different user classes, view the Sewer Charge Administrative Regulations (PDF).