Consolidated Plan/Action Plans

The CDBG Program provides flexible funding for community development projects and programs to assist individuals and families from low- to moderate-income households as defined by the HUD. San Mateo has participated in this program since 1977. Each year the City must submit an Annual Action Plan to HUD for approval, and every three to five years the City submits a Consolidated Plan as well. The plans incorporate input from the community as well as non-profit organizations, other city departments, and a variety of other stakeholders to prioritize the programs and projects the City will fund to address it's most pressing community development and housing needs. 

Consolidated Plan

2018-2022 Consolidated Plan

Annual Action Plan

Each year of the Consolidated Plan period, the City submits to HUD an Annual Action Plan outlining the budget for programs and projects to be completed during the program year. The DRAFT 2022-2023 Action Plan is currently available for viewing and public comment. Staff will be receiving comments regarding the DRAFT 2022-2023 Action Plan sent to for a 30-day period until 4/25/2022 or brought up during either the 4/6/2022 Community Relations Commission meeting or the 5/2/2022 City Council Meeting.

2018-2022 Consolidated Plan Years

Community Participation Plan

This plan outlines the process by which the City seeks out the input of the community on prioritizing the use of CDBG funds.