Wastewater Discharge Permits

When is a Wastewater Discharge Permit required?

The Wastewater Discharge Permits formally convey sewer discharge requirements, and are used when the City must regulate what is discharged to the City's sewer lines. Businesses and activities that require a Waste Discharge Permit include any industrial facilities requiring regulation under federal law, and facilities the City believes warrant periodic inspection and monitoring to prevent discharge of problem pollutants into the sewer system.

Examples of such facilities include:
  • product manufacturing
  • commercial food preparation
  • photographic image processing
  • groundwater remediation

How do I obtain a Wastewater Discharge Permit?

Click on the applicable Wastewater Discharge Permit Applications.
Mail completed applications to Environmental Compliance at:
City of San Mateo Wastewater Treatment Plant
Attn: Environmental Compliance
2050 Detroit Drive
San Mateo, CA 94404

For more information or questions regarding Wastewater Discharge permits, contact Environmental Compliance at (650) 522-7342.