Encroachment Permit

When is an Encroachment Permit required?
Any work performed in the public right of way (including public infrastructure within a Public Easement) requires an encroachment permit. For example: installation or repair of sidewalk, curb and/or gutter, or driveway approach; installation of sidewalk underdrain; installation of sewer lateral or cleanout; placement of monitoring wells or soil borings; and installation, repair or removal of a dock on the Marina Lagoon. Utility companies must also obtain encroachment permits when working within the public right of way or deploying traffic controls.

How do I obtain an Encroachment Permit?
The property owner or the contractor performing the work must email an application package to pwencroachment@cityofsanmateo.org which consists of the following:

  • Fill out and submit an Encroachment Permit Application 
  • Provide certificates of public liability and property damage insurance with the City named as an additional insured (guidance is included in the Encroachment Permit Application Packet)
  • Provide a site plan and/or traffic control plans, if necessary to clarify the scope
  • Pay an encroachment permit fee and provide security deposit (cash or bond)
    • If you provide a cash deposit, submit a supplier information form in order to receive refunds. The contact on the form must match the information of the entity that submitted the cash deposit.

Call (650) 522-7300 or email pwencroachment@cityofsanmateo.org