Starting a Business

Thank you for choosing San Mateo as the City where you are starting, growing or relocating your business.

Starting your business can be rewarding but it is important to successfully navigate the requirements for starting a business to ensure your success.

For this reason, the City of San Mateo has developed this Business Resource Guide to help you navigate through the business establishment process.

The guide contains important information on topics such as building renovations, business licensing, signage regulations, and required inspections. Several City departments have collaborated on the guide to ensure that it provides up to date and practical information.

In addition, the Business Resource guide includes contact information and relevant websites for other important resources for your business such as local business associations, financing resources, and County and State regulatory agencies. For additional contact information for local resources and other agencies, click here.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the Business Resource Guide, please contact the Economic Development Division in the City Manager’s Office at (650) 522-7009.

The City of San Mateo welcomes you to our community and wishes you
every success in starting, growing or relocating your business here!