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Why does the City of San Mateo issue debt?
The city considers the use of capital financing and long-term debt for physical assets that have a long useful life. Additionally, the city’s capital needs exceed its ability to fund these projects on a “pay as you go” basis, which necessitates the issuance of debt. The advantage of issuing debt for capital needs is that it spreads the cost over the asset’s useful life, with the term of the debt typically shorter than the useful life of the asset. This ensures that the users who receive the benefit from the asset are the users that are paying for the asset.

What types of debt does the City of San Mateo typically issue?
The city issues different types of debt such as General Fund lease revenue bonds, enterprise revenue bonds, special tax bonds, and General Obligation (G.O.) bonds. A bond is a promise by the borrower to repay amounts loaned to it on a specified date in the future, together with interest, which is usually paid in six month intervals. Lease revenue bonds are secured by a General Fund lease and enterprise revenue bonds by specific revenues, such as sewer user fees. Both of these types of debt are authorized for issuance solely by the City Council. Other special types of revenue bonds can be secured by user fees or special assessments. Special assessments require majority approval of those subject to the assessment. Special tax bonds are secured by a special tax and require a two-thirds majority approval of those subject to the special tax. G.O. bonds are secured by new ad valorem property taxes levied on all taxable property within the city and must be authorized by a two-thirds majority of city voters.

What information is available about bonds issued?
In accordance with the City’s Continuing Debt Disclosure Policy, the information found on this page and the links extending from this page provide information related to the current bonds issued by the City of San Mateo. As significant changes may occur, this page and the appropriate links will be updated as necessary.

How does the City of San Mateo issue debt?
The city uses William Euphrat Municipal Finance, Inc. and Kitahata & Company as independent financial advisors on issuing any type of municipal debt. Underwriters can access the city’s IRMA Exemption Notice through this webpage.

City Issued Bond Disclosures

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